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Welcome to Prairie Foods

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** Our FAQ (link in the upper left) provides helpful information about ordering, billing, shipping, and about our farming practices. We also have a website, which hosts more info, photos, our blog, weekly updates from the farmers, and a "meet our farmers" section. Note: We ship on Tuesdays, and the local pickup is on Fridays. Our ordering deadline is Sunday at 4pm.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates

At Prairie Foods, we are committed to providing you with the healthiest, most nutritionally-dense food possible. We believe the key to this lies in the health of our soils and in the welfare of our animals.

We take the utmost care and pride in providing our animals with fresh air, sunlight, and a healthy diet. Our animals are fed on pasture from soils that are healthy, full of life, and constantly being regenerated by our animals in an all-natural way. They are moved daily; our practices are regenerative. We believe that this is the way God intended our ecosystem to function. 

We bring you these products in hope that they will improve your life and health - so you can eat the food you love, with the peace of mind that these foods come from our farm - straight to your table. Our foods have no added hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, or preservatives, and our animals are free of vaccines and wormers. We strive to keep our products as convenient and affordable as possible. Please do try some today!

We welcome you to come and visit our farm, and we love to hear from our members! We also invite you to give us your feedback on improvements for our foods. You may email us at hello@prairiefoods.farm with any comments, questions, or concerns.

Thank you for choosing Prairie Foods. Your purchase could help change the world. 

- Dan & Lydia Allgyer and family
& our non-Amish admin team