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Welcome to Artisan Acres

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** Our FAQ (link in the upper left) provides helpful information about our practices, and info on order fulfillment and billing. **

Hi Friends,

Welcome to our regenerative farm, Artisan Acres. We are Stephen and Annie Stoltzfus and family, and we are located in Lititz, PA, north of Lancaster. We are an Amish family living simply on the land, and we seek to bring our health-giving, beyond-organic, revitalizing foods directly to your neighborhood. We offer pickups at our farm, and drops in Florida.

Our farming practices create a uniquely nutritious food which can build health (and in the process, restore our soils and give our animals a good life). Our cows are A2/A2 and 100% grass-fed, and our beef cattle are 100% grass fed & finished. Our chickens and pigs are all pasture-raised and fed local non-GMO, soy-free supplemental feed. The pigs even get skim milk! We never use chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines. All of our foods are homemade or homegrown here at our farm, and we sometimes source items from trusted family or people in our community. 

A little more about us, in Stephen's words:

I grew up on a conventional dairy farm, and eventually thought that there should be a better way. I wanted healthier animals and healthier soils. I wanted to care for the earth, not misuse and abuse it.

Through our experiences, we have come to want to farm in a way that is in sync with nature, and which is healing to the land and the water (in our case, the Chesapeake Bay).

We are constantly fine-tuning our practices, as well as continually exploring ways to create a better environment. So far we have been working hard at planting trees, reducing water runoff, and building the topsoil.

Most of our farm is seeded in perennial grass. All of our animals live outside on the grass, in the sunshine, with space to run around, explore, and eat as they please.

We feel that all of these practices are the best way to make our vision a reality.

We are excited to share our journey with you, and are honored that you might consider coming alongside us in our mission.

Stephen & Annie Stoltzfus and family
... and our non-Amish admin team!