A hurried, harried populace disconnected from food needs network facilitators and I haven't seen anything more comprehensive for accomplishing this than FarmMatch.com.

-- Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm

In achieving health and fitness goals, access to real food is where it all starts. FarmMatch builds the bridges between the communities that need the food and the farmers who produce it. Get real food and get fit with FarmMatch!

-- Robb Wolf, Author, The Paleo Solution

FarmMatch.com creates the ease and convenience to bring about a transformation in how the world chooses their food sources. In a world where 'convenience' trumps health and connectedness to our food sources, consumers will no longer need to sacrifice one for the other.

-- Ana Joanes, Director, "Fresh"

As FarmMatch.com grows, so will the availability of high quality, nutrient dense foods.

-- Sally Fallon Morell, President, The Weston A. Price Foundation

For decades, farmers have been disconnected from the end consumer and FarmMatch.com will change all that.

-- Mark McAfee, CEO, Organic Pastures Dairy

Making Fire, .... The Wheel, .... Harnessing Electricity,..... FarmMatch!

-- Will Winter, DVM

Easy and fun to use, FarmMatch is a wonderful tool for the local food movement.

-- Shannon Hayes, Author, Grassfed Gourmet & Radical Homemakers

FarmMatch.com is one of the key missing links that are needed to really get the Consumers connected with the Farmers.

-- Vernon Hershberger, Farmer, Grazin' Acres Food Club Wisconsin

FarmMatch.com opens up once unimaginable possibilities for connecting consumers with food producers

-- David Gumpert, Author, The Raw Milk Revolution

Whether it comes to organizing a drop-site or a food rights movement, an obvious need for a particular food or an audience for it, FarmMatch.com has AWESOME potential! Period."

-- Alvin Schlangen, Farmer, Freedom Farms Coop Minnesota

I hope that consumers and farmers take the few seconds that it takes to sign up...it can make a world of difference

-- Kristin Canty, Film Maker, "Farmageddom"

Choreographing a re-energized relationship is unspeakably encouraging for where our food system needs to go. Let's dance with FarmMatch.

-- Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm