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Welcome to Old Fashioned Traditions

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We are a small farm with a lot going on located in the middle of nowhere. 

Currently there are driving groups who coordinate to bring items to the metro weekly.  They have 10 different locations available for pickup or you can drive to the farm yourself.   We are about an hour south of Duluth but it is a pretty easy trip from the Twin Cities metro area.  

We have pastured pigs and poultry, grass fed and finished beef, dairy cows, dairy goats, and even dairy sheep.  We do not feed GMO's or soy and have not done so for well over a decade.  Hay and grains are purchased from local trusted farmers.  

Classes are offered throughout the year on the farm for everything from canning (both pressure and waterbath) to soap making.  They will be offered again when time permits scheduling.

Every year we plant a large garden and this year is no exception.  We will be offering a few CSA boxes for pickups as well as having extra vegetables available throughout the summer and into fall.  On our main website, we will be providing recipes as well as instructions on how to can and dehydrate vegetables and fruits for storage.  

Breads and other baked items are available too.  Most are sourdough and are heirloom cultures and made in traditional methods.  Baking is done three times a week and extra is wrapped and placed into the freezer to keep items as fresh as possible.  

We also bake some gluten free items for those who have issues with wheat.  Currently there is a very small variety but we will add more as we get comfortable with baking gluten free.  The learning curve is great on this.  lol