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Welcome to Grassfed Goodness

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Grassfed Goodness Club
By Trianle Organics Farm

Our passion is to grow good quality, organic food, for our family and yours.

~ Certified Organic Farm
~Pastured animals on our Pennsylvania land
~Hormone free
~Antibiotic free
~Better- than-organic, nutrient dense
~Small Amish family farm-raised
~Products made by our families

Our farm practices are passed down from generations and are aligned with theWeston A. Price Foundation, Sally Fallons, Nourishing Traditions and the Paleo lifestyle.

Triangle Organics Farm raises both Devon (Heritage breed) and Jersey cows. The Devon cows are raised for their meat and the Jerseys for their milk, (prized for their higher fat content). As of 2012 some of the milk comes from a Jersey/Devon cross. The rest is from the Jersey herd. All cows are 100% Grass-Fed and receive hay and minerals during the winter months.

Our pigs are heritage breeds and are raised on pasture, with a supplement of organic corn, the farmers own skim milk and some other grains.

Our chickens are raised on an organic feed, and are pastured and free-range.

Triangle Organics has a PA license to sell raw milk. All products are grown and produced by Triangle Organics (Elmer and Martha King and Family) with the following exceptions:

Cheeses are produced by Stone Meadows Farm. Cows are 100% grass-fed Jerseys. This is the original farm that produced all of Triangle's cheeses back in 2007 and were popular with our customers.

The goats milk comes from James Byler Farm, their practices are aligned with ours as well.

The lovely handmade all-natural soaps are made by Kings Homemade Soaps. After trying many brands of natural soaps and different body washes, and after experiencing various skin reactions, Sara King started making her own, all natural soaps with a variety of delightful natural ingredients. All of her soaps are handmade in small batches. These gentle soaps contain lye.

How does it work?

Try Grassfed Goodness, no yearly membership fee. Just a few clicks and you will be approved within 24 hours!

Place your order online & pay online. Pick it up at the scheduled date/time/location.
Your order will be packed in Pennsylvania and delivered to you at the pick up site by a professional driver, on the scheduled day and time. The fee for delivery is 15% of the total cost of your order and will be added at checkout online.

Orders must be canceled at least 24 hours before the delivery time to be fully refunded.

Info Regarding COVID-19.

We plan on arriving to our delivery sites and dropping off your boxes, this will be outside of your drop site if it's normally inside a building. We will be arriving at our deliver sites at the listed times (our driver Mike will be unable to make individual calls during this increased buying period). We are packaging the boxes so you can grab your box(es) and go. We ask that you only touch your box(es) and stay a minimum 6ft (~2m) away from each other. Please pick up your box(es) one at a time and take your box(es) with you as our driver is unable to bring any boxes back. Our boxes break down flat. We ask if you do not want to take your box(es) with you please remove it from the pickup site, break the box down and find a proper place to recycle so we can be sure to leave no trace or rubbish behind. Thank you for your understanding and being our members! We appreciate everything you do to help support local sustainable agriculture.

Thank you!
Elmer and Martha King
5799 Penns Valley Road, Aaronsburg, PA 16820
(814) 349-4890