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Welcome to Highland Haven Farms

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Welcome to Highland Haven Farms!
We are a private membership association with a herdshare program 
Your source for raw dairy products
& other nutrient dense foods in Ohio.

Our mission:
To provide you with nutrient-dense foods such as dairy products, meats from pastured animals, vegetables raised without GMOs and chemicals, the foods that God intended for us to eat.

Our goal:
To create a community where our small family farms support you and you support us, to be in unity seeking the healthiest foods we can.

What is Highland Haven Farms?
Highland Haven Farms is a small group of grass-based diversified family farms in Hillsboro, Ohio.

Products Offered:
Raw cow & goat dairy items, pasture-raised meats, soy free eggs, a large variety of organically grown veggies, and much more through a PMA program.

What is our Dairy Quality Standards?
All of our dairy is pasture grazed without the use of corn silage, soy or GMOs. We milk by hand to avoid the chemical contamination which is often found in machine milking systems. Our animals are pastured on fresh grass except during the extreme cold months. We consider our practices to be superior to those required by organic certification. We do not use chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones or any of that kind of stuff. We do not spray our fields and pastures with chemicals or pesticides. Cows have access to a free choice blend of dried kelp meal and a natural clay-based trace mineral supplement fortified with additional trace elements. Cows get a few pounds of molasses and ground corn (non GMO) as a treat for holding still while being milked.

Delivery information:
All our products can be ordered each week at www.farmmatch.com/highlandhavenfarm and picked up at one of our delivery locations.

We currently service the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus areas and everywhere in between!

If you would like to be a host let us know and we will see what we can do!

Contact us by sending an email: highlandhavendairy@gmail.com or call 937-588-1016,