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Welcome to KFIC

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Welcome to KFBC
Welcome to the Kentucky Food Independence Club!

Kentucky agriculture remains the foundation of our culture: raising/growing nutrient dense food for home and/or market, maintaining strong family ties, respect for property, and a strong work ethic.

Our Mission is to connect Kentucky’s “real food” farmers to educated consumers. Real health begins with clean food and a clean planet. As more and more of us wake up to this fact, we see an increase in consumers wanting to leave behind unhealthy practices and jump in with local "real food" farmers!

We live in exciting times. Perhaps ESPECIALLY since Covid broke onto the world scene in March 2020. Since then, our real food social media groups and friends have seen tremendous growth.

What’s a real food farmer? By “real food”, we mean NUTRIENT DENSE food raised and/or grown as close to the earth and as naturally as possible.

Real food farming practices include:
• non-GMO or organic feed -- at least soy-free and hopefully corn-free. This is difficult right now because soy & corn free feed is crazy expensive. Consumers realize this and understand that every budget has a ceiling.
• pastured livestock on unsprayed fields
• grass-fed cattle - GRASS-FINISHED IS AWESOME BUT NOT REQUIRED as long as the supplemental grain is non-GMO and the cattle continue to live on pasture with the sun is shining on their backs
• pastured milk cows - supplementing with non-GMO SOY-FREE grains while milking to keep the cows happy and standing still is a common practice
• unsprayed hay
• organic gardening practices (you do not need to be certified organic but just farm organically)
• regenerative soil practices

If you have questions about any of this, please ask (my text number is below) and I’ll reply!

The KY Food Independence Club (KFIC) is a private membership food buying club featuring healthy food provided by Ky farmers. It’s like an online grocery only all the food is REAL & healthy. Nutrient dense foods like…
• farm fresh milk & dairy products
• goat’s milk when available
• pastured eggs & chicken
• grass-fed, pastured meats
• organic baked goods
• local honey 
• organic sourdough bread
• home made soaps & tinctures
• organic* fruits & veggies
• all feed non-GMO if not organic
• prepared foods all using organic/non-GMO ingredients & cultures
• prepared salves, syrups, lotions using organic/non-GMO ingredients
+ traditional supplements

*organic means either USDA certified organic or grown/raised using organic practices. You do not need to be certified organic, just use organic practices.

Members order online and pick up their food once a week at their closest drop location. Orders are due on Mondays by noon.

Deliveries are as follows:
-- Robert's Health Food delivery is Wednesday by 2pm.
-- Winchester and Newton's Attic are Thursdays by 2 pm.
-- Georgetown and Dry Ridge drops are Fridays by noon.
-- Morehead is at 10 am on Fridays at Savalot.
-- HOLIDAY weeks will often need to be delivered on different days TBD :)

Here's how to join us:
1. Fill out the questionnaire
2. I approve that and you get a text letting you know.
3. Then you log back in, sign the Membership Contract and pay the $59 annual membership. There is also a one-time $75 inventory deposit which you get back if you leave the club. If there is financial need, please contact me and we'll work it out so it works for YOU -- everyone deserves clean food!
4. Then you can order!!!

Don't hesitate to ask any questions. Text is best at 859-550-3862 or email sallyoh@pm.me :)

Also tell me what products you want to see!!!

PS. Don't hesitate to share this site with your friends: https://www.farmmatch.com/kfic  On the questionnaire, there's a place to write in who referred you -- please be sure to let us know so your referrer get a $5 credit when you become a member :)