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Welcome to Vintage Meadows

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WELCOME to VINTAGE MEADOWS Buying Club and online web store!
Our buying club is a unique way of buying food for your family!  Here you have the opportunity to purchase food directly from your farmer (no middle-man grocery store).  Place an order online and we'll deliver to a drop site near you!  Or pick up your order at our farm in Goshen, IN! 

Hundreds of people concerned about their food quality, or looking for an alternative to industrial, factory raised food, enjoy and benefit from our products every day. Customers enjoy a relationship with the farmer and a link to the land.  We invite you to experience the satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from by building a relationship with the people who raise it.   

Our small, family farm is located in Goshen, Indiana and we are genuinely committed to raising nutrient-dense food for your family!  Here on our own farm, we raise 100% grass fed beef and pastured, non-gmo, sprout-fed, pork.  We co-op with other small family farms in our area to produce the additional products we offer including pastured chicken & turkey, grass fed lamb, pastured eggs + soy-free eggs, raw dairy from grass fed, A2/A2 Jersey cows (through our Herd Share Program), raw cheese, fresh organically raised produce, raw ferments, and MUCH MORE! 

Each farm we partner with is committed to using our strict protocol of environmentally friendly, organic, and sustainable farming practices. Our animals are raised in carefree, humane, stress-free environments and produce healthy, nutrient-dense food without the use of antibiotics, vaccines, medications, hormones, etc.  Garden produce, fruit, and other miscellaneous items are all raised and grown by trusted local farmers who share our strict protocol of organic farming practices. 

Our mission and statement of purpose is:
"To honor God and the whole of His creation by endeavoring to grow healthy foods in keeping with the Creator's design; thereby serving our customers with integrity and blessing our community with the increase God provides".
We're members of the Weston A. Price Foundation and we invite you to research how to feed your family in the best way possible!
Join our interactive, private Facebook group at VINTAGE MEADOWS PRIVATE BUYING CLUB - Chicago Suburbs 🐓 to share pics, ask general questions, and find out what other people are ordering!