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Welcome to Waltz Family Farm

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Visit our website!   We are a family owned and operated farm dating back to 1774.  Wow!  We have a love of farming and for our animals. We farm the "Old Fashioned" way, sustainable, free-range, no unnecessary meds given. We raise and sell Beef, Pork, Lamb and free-range Eggs and we offer Cheeses from Eves Cheese.A few times a year we will also have non-gmo fed Chicken available. We offer a wide variety of meat cuts and flavors, striving for nitrate free, tasty and healthy.  Our Beef is a dairy-beef cross,aged 3 weeks for extra flavor and tenderness. The cows are always on pastures, fed good quality grains and hay.  The pigs we raise are a heritage crossbreed producing tasty flavored pork. They live a a large clean barn with curtains that drop down to let in fresh air and sunlight. We feed them non-gmo grains and organic breads. The lambs free-range 150 acres of pastures with their moms. Our flock is a cross bred herd and we've found our lamb to have a nice mild flavor. A few months before butchering we move the market lambs to a new pasture and offer organic non-gmo grains to finish them out nicely.